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The phone continued emitting static, with the occasional ‘pop’ of electrical discharge occurring every few seconds.  The voice said nothing more, but very faint breathing could be heard, which indicated that whoever it was on the other end of the line has not hung up. Luckily for our unknown caller, Matt had just finished cleaning up after Jake and Blake’s ‘prank’, which consisted of throwing several various objects onto the pool cover.  After running out of things to throw, they simply gave up and went inside to play CodeMon.  Figures.  Matt’s mom didn’t want to punish them because it was “all in good fun”.  Again, figures.

After taking three times as long as necessary to put a cover on a pool, Matt dashed upstairs to his room, where his phone had been.  He could only hope that Jake and Blake hadn’t messed with it.  Tired from dealing with the twins and from cleaning up their mess outside, Matt was left rather irritable, like any normal person.  He turned the corner and peered into his room, expecting nothing less than his phone hanging from a string attached to the ceiling.  Aaaaand that’s exactly what he saw, or at least what he thought he saw.  He considered yelling Jake and Blake’s names as loud as he could in an attempt to get them to confess what they did, but Matt thought that doing so would make them think they’ve won.  So, he kept his mouth shut and approached his phone.

It had to be a prank.  As soon as he reached his phone, both of the clones would jump him from behind.  But, he’s dealt with them enough times before, he could easily sidestep their tackles.  This entire time, the phone’s screen was facing away from Matt, so he couldn’t see the static or the small discharges, but the phone began to slowly rotate until Matt saw that this was no prank.  The phone’s screen resembled that of an old television when your crazy uncle messes with the antennae trying to get the football game to show; only static and disappointment.  Well, in this case the disappointment was kind of lacking, considering there was something pretty crazy unfolding in front of Matt’s face.  His phone was floating in front of his face.  Not something you expect to see every day.

Well, Matt wasn’t about to let some mystical force take over HIS PHONE!  Hell no!  He’s got some important stuff, interesting stuff, and morally questionable stuff on there!  With a gaze that could pierce a marshmallow, a stance that could be tipped over with a light breeze, and confidence only a small kitten could muster, he slowly advanced towards the phone, and reached out.  Fingers trembling, palm sweaty, and confidence dwindling, he wrapped his hand around the phone.  Pulling it back, he was slightly surprised nothing happened.  The phone lay in his hand, static still filling the screen, but there was an audible noise coming from it.  The static wasn’t causing it; there was another.  Breathing?

Was… there someone else on the other end of the line?  Is this person behind Matt’s phone, you know, floating and acting super creepy?  Probably.

“Err… Hello?”

The phone was silent for a moment before Matt heard movement on the other end of the line.  So there IS someone else there!

“Hey.  Wanna buy some drugs?”

“What…?” Matt audibly wondered.  A magical drug dealer?  Calling him?

“Heh.  Just kiddin’.  But for realsies, I need some help.  Think you could come over?”

“Do I know you?”  Matt had never even seen this person.  He contemplated hanging up right then and there, but then remembered that this was a magical drug dealer dude he was talking to.

“Come to think of it, no you don’t.  But that’s not important right now.  What’s important is that I have roughly twelve seconds to live if you don’t get your ass over here NOW.  Just hit the big red button in the center of your screen, and it’ll do the rest.”

Red button…?  Matt pulled the phone away from his ear, and there it was.  Clear as day.  When did it get there?  When he put the phone to his ear, it was just that black-and-white-static.  Whatever.  His “friend” needed him.  After twirling his finger for a moment wondering what the button would even do, he thought, “eh, screw it!” and poked it.

But his finger never hit the screen.  It went through.  What’s more odd was that it was now tugging the rest of his hand and arm through, distorting his body as his entire form was sucked into the phone.  Matt would have been frightened if he wasn’t naive enough to think that the person on the other end of the line wasn’t trying to kill him by doing this.  Figures.  As long as he was back home in time for dinner, he didn’t really care what happened.

Black.  That’s all Matt saw for a few moments before he realized that his eyes were shut instead of everything being actually black.  He wasn’t sure if he even wanted to open them.  But then, he became aware of an add sensation.  Was he falling?  Only one way to find out, right?
Matt opened his eyes and shut them again immediately.  Yep, he was falling.  From about 10,000 feet in the air over a huge forest.  Yeah, nope.  For a few moments “nope” was all he could think before he heard a voice.  Hold up…  He could clearly hear a voice while falling at terminal velocity through the sky?

Whatever.  Matt once again opened his eyes and looked for the source of the sound, and it seemed to come from his pocket.  Wait, the only thing he ever put in his pocket was…
He ripped his phone from his pants pocket and listened more intently at what the voice was saying, which was difficult when plummeting towards his death.
“Alright, I see you.  I’m heading to you now.  Get ready for a fight!”  That was the same voice Matt was talking to before being pulled into his phone!  What did he mean by a fight?  With the magical drug dealer person?  Someone else?  Matt didn’t have time to think.  All he knew was since the person saw him and expected him to be able to fight when he reached him implied that Matt would survive the fall.  But how?

Matt looked down at the forest below him and saw no bodies of water or any other potential landing spots.  But he DID notice two figures running towards him, one after the other.  Was that the guy?  One was rather small and looked more like a shadow, and the other…  Uhh…  Last time Matt checked dinosaurs were extinct.  That didn’t help explaining the T-Rex chasing the smaller figure.  Well, it’s pretty clear who is fighting who.  Wait, that's not a normal dino.  It's colored strangely and appears to be wearing some sort of armor.  Is it even a T-Rex?

“Get ready, you’re gonna land in about fifteen seconds.  See the big guy behind me?  Hit him with everything you’ve got!  Don’t worry, you’re gonna be fine.  Probably.”  Matt looked at his phone inexplicably as though the other person had told him to go ahead and cure cancer.  How was Matt supposed to take down a friggin dino!?  Well, he’s got no choice now.  Go big or go home, and Matt planned on going big, even though he REALLY wanted to go home…

He clenched his fist with all his might, and suddenly felt a warmth coming from it.  He looked at his fist and, for whatever reason, it was on fire.  It didn’t burn.  He didn’t have the time to freak out nor question it.  The only times that this were ever possible were in video games or anime, both of which he enjoyed.  Superpowers.  Nice.  Well, no reason NOT to yell an attack name, right?  A fire-based attack this awesome in mind deserved a two-part name.  So Matt yelled at the top of his lungs the first thing that came to mind.

“Courageous fire!”

The T-Rex, which was now directly below Matt, stopped in its tracks and looked up, giving a great roar.  For whatever reason, this didn’t faze Matt in the slightest.


The flame in his fist grew, almost exploding outwards, to match the size of the beast’s head.  Then, Matt threw every ounce of might he had into it.

The devastating blow connected.

It happened in slow motion for him.  The instant his knuckle made contact with the T-Rex, a brilliant light came forth, blinding both fighters, including the shadowy figure that would have been the T-Rex’s prey mere seconds ago.  Then, a massive, deafening explosion rocked the forest, sending debris flying everywhere, even leaving a small crater in the ground at the point of impact.

Unfortunately, even with his newly found superpowers, the force of the blast knocked Matt unconscious.  Just before blacking out, he saw the shadowy figure standing above him, whom then gave Matt a thumbs up and a wry smile.
CodeMon Part 2: The Punchiest of Punches
Part 2 is finally here!  And it didn't take an entire year to push out!  Hooray!!!11!1one!La la la la La la la la 

Things start getting good, and our hero Matt is thrown into an unknown universe!  Will he survive this strange terrain?  Or will he succumb to the elements and...  dinosaurs!?  And what's up with that magical drug dealer guy?

Eh, whatever!  The story will continue in Part 3!
“It’s so nice to have you back home, honey!  It’s been a little… empty around here without you.  I told your brothers to respect your personal space while you’re home.” This was the speech Matt was given pretty much every time he came home, both now, at the end of a college semester, as well as when he came off the bus from high school only a few months prior.  “Yeah, it’s great to be back,” He tried to say as his mother crushed him with her famous bear hug, “I’m not sure what would kill me first: the stress of the college life or your ‘motherly embrace’…” said Matt, trying to get some air into his lungs after he was released.  Matt’s your typical college undergraduate, goofing off at school while telling his parents he’s been doing nothing but studying, partying every once in a while, and avoiding the bully that somehow managed to graduate high school, Brick.  Don’t ask why his name is Brick.

Well, at least Matt won’t have to deal with him for a few weeks, so he can finally settle down and relax.  (There’s a difference between relaxing when there’s things to do, and relaxing on vacation)  Just as he hit the couch situated a few feet from the 12-inch TV, Matt felt the floor shake and heard a rumbling throughout the house.  Aww crap, that could only mean one thing, or two things to be more precise…  He sighed, and braced himself for what was to come, but before he could enter the fetal position, he was slammed back onto the sofa.  When he looked up, he saw his two younger twin brothers.

“Jake, Blake, get off me.  You know what mom said about personal space.”  The creepy look they both gave Matt didn’t faze him in the slightest.  “Just because it’s been a while since I’ve seen you two, doesn’t mean that I forget how you greet people.”  He simply picked both of them up, one under each arm, and brought them to their room.  “Alright you guys, what’s with the creepy looks?  Just because you’re identical twins doesn’t mean that you have to ACT identical, too.” said Matt.  “Okay, fine.  We’ll stop being creepy…” said Blake.  “…But we won’t stop being annoying!” finished Jake.  Great, they’re finishing one another’s sentences.  How cute.

“Oh!  We almost forgot!” exclaimed Jake as Matt was about to exit the room.  “Remember when you said that we were worthless and would never amount to anything?” inquired Blake.  “Yep, I tell you every morning, and remind myself to tell you when I am in college.” Matt responded, obviously not falling into his brother’s linguistic trap.  “Anyways,” Blake continued, “we’re almost the top ranked players of CodeMon!”  Matt simply stared at the twins, obviously confused.  “CodeMon?  Listen, guys,  I have really bad internet at my college, and I don’t know about a lot of the new stuff that happens, CodeMon being one of them.”  The clones gave Matt a look of true disbelief, one that would rival the reader when they realize how deep this storyline is going to get.  “Never heard of CodeMon?” implored Blake, “But you watched us play it for a few minutes just before leaving for college!”

“And you expect me to remember that?  I thought it was a one-time thing, where you guys find some game and would play it for about 3 weeks before growing bored of it… Just because you guys have stupidly good memories doesn’t mean I do.”  Matt noticed the look of flabbergastedness on his brothers, and decided to say, “You guys have to remember that I’m 18, and you’re 12.  Even if I had internet at college, I wouldn’t play the kind of games that you do.”

Jake stepped towards Matt, and said, “Do I have to explain it to you?”  Not really…  “CodeMon is a game where you fight with creatures called, well, CodeMon, and you get better and better with each fight.  Each ‘brawler’ can only have one ‘linked’ CodeMon at a time, but can change that linked CodeMon whenever they want.  Linking with a CodeMon means that you are bonded and share special abilities and traits.  Some people, like Blake and I, prefer to keep the same one and develop a bond with it.  You mostly fight feral CodeMon when out in the Digital Dimension, but you come across the occasional brawler, or someone that has a CodeMon of their own.”

Matt held up his hand, and proclaimed, “You DO know that I haven’t the slightest clue what you are talking about, right?  All this stuff about brawlers, bonds, energy levels, linking, digital dimensions…  It makes no sense to me, and I don’t really know why I should bother trying to understand.  It’s just a kid’s game.”  Before Jake and Blake could try to explain any more about the game to him, Matt made a tactical retreat to his room.  After shutting the door behind him, he let out a 5-second sigh of relief.  He’d forgotten why he wanted to go to a college in another state, and the twins just reminded him…

“It’s just a game…” he thought to himself.  Nothing more than a bunch of flashing pictures and a bit of sound and a smidgeon of user input.  What could be so enticing about a game that it could keep the twins hooked for an entire school semester?  Hmm…  It’s been quite a while since he’s had himself a good game to stick to for a little while, even if that meant only for a few weeks.  And with how riled up the twins were about it, there must be more to it than just fighting.  “Screw it”, Matt decided, “I’ll get it.”  Peer pressure is bad, kids.

Matt took out his phone and searched around for it on the Store.  It didn’t take him long to find it, because there was only 1 game that came up when he searched “CodeMon”, which struck him as rather odd.  Whenever there is a popular game out there, there are always, like, 50 cheap knockoffs and apps that claim to have cheat codes and stuff, but not here…  Well, Matt could only assume that the developers of CodeMon had some pretty good lawyers.  “Developers this invested into a game should have made it for computers, not phones…  Eh, whatever.  Who am I to judge the sanity of programmers?”  And with that, he began the download of the free app.

“Maaaaaaaaaaaaaatt!  Help me move the cover off the pool!”  Matt couldn’t be away from college 1 day before being required to do manual labor.  Whenever his mother says she needs help, the “helper” does everything while mama “supervises”.  Whatever, Matt was feeling rather impatient with the long download time of CodeMon, and decided to go out and help.  Deciding the phone is not worth bringing outside, he tossed it onto his bed and closed the door behind him.  His brothers nor his mom knew his passcode to get into his phone, so no harm done.

About a minute after the download finished, Matt’s phone began to hum quietly on the bed, vibrating a little.  The screen began glow a soft shade of red, then orange, and continued down the rainbow, then after hitting purple, turned a blinding white.  The light only intensified, and the rays could be seen coming out of the phone screen, almost as if by magic.  The phone slowly lifted off the bed, only for a few inches, after which, the screen appeared to show static, you know, like when you would try to access an unavailable channel on an old television.  

Then, a voice so soft it was barely audible, whispered from the phone, “Hello..?  Can anyone hear me..?”
CodeMon, Part 1: The Call
Looks like there's gonna be a zombie apocalypse, 'cuz I'm...
*Puts on sunglasses*
...back from the dead.

Anyways, here's the super annoying cliffhanger I'm famous for!
Yeah, it's shorter than my normal stories, but I wanted to rush the intro so I could get to the good stuff.
Why did it take this long?  I wanted a good, meaningful plot, and not general silliness.
I mean it, there will be no silliness.  At all.  Ever.  Like, forever-ever.  Seriously.

Okay maybe a little bit...
I haven't found the inspiration to finish the current stories that have left you guys hanging for, what, a year?  Anyway, I want to try something new.  Something I've never done before.

Recently, I've been thinking of writing something to a larger scale than anything I've written in the past.  It's kind of a hybrid of Pokemon and Digimon, but different enough to be unique to both.  The name of the creatures: Codemon.  Of course, I haven't thought the whole thing through, and have only come up with a general concept and rough intro.  But, if any of you guys want to see what I'm thinking of, feel free to comment below or send me a note, and we can turn this rough idea into a full-fledged novel (Yeah, right, like it would ever make it that far...).  I really want this story in particular to be influenced by you, the readers.  If you have ANY feedback to the intro, TELL ME.  Any advice or criticism is good and will improve the story in the long run.

If the same idea comes from multiple people, then it will definitely make it into the intro, and I will post it when I feel as though it's done.  If the intro doesn't give enough information, let me know and I'll do my best to explain the plot in my own words.

Just know that the story might abruptly be cut short or abandoned because college.  That is all.

Outline:  Written
Story plot: Established
Part 1: DONE
Part 2: 100 words
Y'all should expect a "chapter" once every week or two, depending on my workload.  (Engineer in college = usually high workload)

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